You Can Be Love

I wrote the song “You Can Be Love” on a September day in 2015. The sun was shining and the autumn colors were starting to come out. I was taking a walk through Decker Cemetery near Blanchard Michigan. As I slowly and reverently passed each row of grave stones I read the names and studied the dates of births and deaths. I wondered what the lives of these people had been like. I wondered if they somehow knew I was saying their names and thinking about them. Of course, I had now way of knowing anything about these people, but I wondered if I would see them someday in Heaven.

I believe God was inspiring me to write this song through this experience. The words and melody just seemed to pour out of me while I walked. My thumbs were quickly typing them into a note on my phone. Then I came across a very old grave stone, on which the writing was worn and covered with moss. I had to brush off the debris to make out the inscription. It was a child that had died at a young age. I hoped that this young one had felt love during her short life. I hoped the same for every soul that lay resting there.

“You Can Be Love” is all about loving, encouraging, holding up, and inspiring the people in and around your life. It’s about making your life a guide post that points to Christ Jesus as the source of this love. It’s my hope that this song inspires you to be love to those around you, and to make a difference in the lives you come into contact with.