Family Camp at Center Lake

What a weekend for an end of summer vacation! I spent Labor Day weekend with my family at Center Lake Bible Camp in Tustin MI this past weekend. It was a great time. The kids played at the beach, climbed the rock wall, did the zip-line, rode their bikes all over, and played with friends. My son Ethan challenged me to do the Zip-line and climb the rock wall, which I did! I was a little sore afterwards, but it was worth it! My wife and I enjoyed a relaxing time at the camp, NOT having to cook, clean, or deal with the usual everyday tasks. It was marvelous! The camp staff was  amazing! I would definitely recommend checking out

As an added bonus, I was blessed to be the worship leader for the weekend, playing music for two morning services and an outdoor, evening concert. I had my buddies, Jason Kiley, Lance Ransom, and Nate Walters in the band with me, along with Heather, my wife singing. We did popular worship music as well as a bunch of my own original songs. What a blast it was singing my own songs and seeing both kids and adults singing along and giving such positive feedback. Thanks a ton!!

It was also a huge blessing to have my own paster giving the messages at the service. Pastor Darrow Parker knows how to bring The Word! Here's a link to my home church where I also lead worship...

We met other families and kids from all over the state, and made lots of new friends. I hope to see all of you again next year!