The Big Picture

I've been listening to an audio Bible for a while, but something about it recently piqued my interest. I'm a pretty slow reader, so listening to the Bible allows me take in larger chunks of scripture at one time while I'm driving. This lets me see a bigger picture. I love how God can show you something new in something you've read many times before. Listening to several entire books of the Bible in one sitting is like zooming out and seeing things from a distance. Like, standing on the moon and looking at the earth; you can take it all in from this perspective and make connections that are hard to see from close up.

I've been a Bible reader for a lot of years and I'm just now discovering this new view of God's Word. It has really revitalized my fire for study and for getting to know God more fully. I'm sure I'll be learning new things about the Lord until the day I die, and even then I will still have only scratched the surface. But until then, I'll be reading and listening to the Word of the Lord and stepping closer each day. Getting God's word from an audio Bible doesn't mean I'm giving up reading the written word.

For me, the combination of reading and listening has brought about a very positive change in the way I approach studing the scripture. I would encourage anyone to explore and employ the methods of study that work best for them. The word of the Lord is like food. You need it to survive. Get it in you!!